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World Arena and USOC Curling Exposure Event

  • 30 Jun 2013
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • World Arena


  • BCC members who wish to help with registration, ice prep, and instruction.

Please indicate the area in which you would like to assist on the registration form.
Registration is closed

BCC Member Volunteers

The Broadmoor Curling Club has been asked to support a corporate exposure to curling by the World Arena and the USOC on 30 June 2013.  We'd like to request 8+ people to come help with this event.  Tasks include: 

  • Equipment transportation and set up-getting brooms out of the locker and trailer, cleaning the brooms and setting out and/or helping to move rocks and set hacks.  This means moving them from Monument to the World Arena.  Two full sets of stones, 4 hacks, pebblers, booties, and at least 12 brooms.  Equipment should be to the World Arena no later than 11AM
  • Ice Pebbling-pebbling the entire ice surface prior to the equipment going out on the ice
  • Instruction and Instruction Helpers-This event is to expose people to curling, not train them.  Instructors and helpers are expected to help them in the very basics with how to deliver a stone and how to sweep.  In addition they should be prepared to answer questions about curling.
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