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Winter 2017 League

 Friday Nights

 Team Skip  3rd  2nd  Lead 
1 Chance Geurin Joe Saliba Jeanna Geurin Mellisa Saliba 
2 Paula Bloom Pete Seuffert Hunter Williams Tammy Williams
3 John West Brett Van Valin Jim Butler  Benjamin Hopewell
4 Nate Trachta Amy Bahls
Eric Bailey
Nathan Patton

Sheet B C
3-Feb 1 vs 3 2 vs 4
10-Feb 2 vs 3 1 vs 4
17-Feb Bye Bye
24-Feb 1 vs 2 3 vs 4
3-Mar 2 vs 4 1 vs 3
10-Mar 3 vs 4 1 vs 2
17-Mar 1 vs 4 2 vs 3
24-Mar 1st vs 2nd 3rd vs 4th




 Sunday Nights

 Team Skip  3rd  2nd  Lead 
1 Adam Gutschick Al Wenstrand  Sue Wenstrand   
2 Paula Bloom Kathy Bannick Gabi Tomaselli Ann Tomaselli 
3 John West Pat Sean Jerome  
4 Pat Devoy Nate Trachta Jane Roberts  
5 Jean Otto Maggie Vail Judy Westphal  
6 Ryan Showers Ruth McIntyre Josh Wallace  Jessica Showers
Games: Sheet
Date A B C
26-Feb Adam vs. Paula John vs. Pat Jean vs. Ryan
5-Mar Pat vs. Jean Paula vs Ryan Adam vs. John
12-Mar Paula vs. Jean Adam vs. Pat John vs. Ryan
19-Mar Pat vs. Ryan Paula vs. John Adam vs. Jean
26-Mar John vs. Jean Adam vs. Ryan Paula vs. Pat
2-Apr 1st vs. 6th 2nd vs. 5th 3rd vs. 4th
9-Apr 2nd vs. 5th 3rd vs. 6th 1st vs. 4th
23-Apr 5th vs. 6th 1st vs. 2nd 3rd vs. 4th

 Standings are determined by:

1) Wins/Loses

2) Points (most positive)

3) Head to Head

General Rules:

Teams should contact subs as they need them and notify the League Coordinator of the sub they're using.

 All teams are expected to arrive at the Broadmoor World Arena at 5:30pm to participate in set-up.

Set-up includes cooling stones, setting hacks, and scribbing lines.

Pebbling will be done by the ice crew.

If you have questions about our League, please contact:
League Coordinator: Nathan Trachta 719.246.4537
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