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Fall 2017 League

 Friday Nights

 Team Skip  3rd  2nd  Lead 






 Sunday Nights  - All start times are 5:30pm

 Team Skip  3rd  2nd  Lead 
1 Gene Leary John West Kirsten Hogenson Todd Noha 
2 Adam Gustick Tim Johnson John Burka Janet Klinkhachom
3 Paula BloomJosh Wallace Ryan Showers Jessica Showers 
4 Nate TrachtaMaggie Vail Ruth McIntyre Judy Westphal 
Games: Sheet
Date B C
1 Oct Gene vs Adam Paula vs Nate
8 Oct Adam vs Paula Gene vs Nate
15 Oct Nate vs Adam Gene vs Paula
22 Oct Paula vs Nate Gene vs Adam
29 Oct Gene vs Nate Adam vs Paula
5 Nov Gene vs Paula Adam vs Nate
12 Nov 1st vs. 4th 2nd vs. 3rd
19 Nov 1st vs. 2nd 3rd vs. 4th

 Standings are determined by:

1) Wins/Loses

2) Points (most positive)

3) Head to Head

General Rules:

Teams should contact subs as they need them and notify the League Coordinator of the sub they're using.

 All teams are expected to arrive at the Broadmoor World Arena at 5:30pm to participate in set-up.

Set-up includes cooling stones, setting hacks, and scribbing lines.

Pebbling will be done by the ice crew.

If you have questions about our League, please contact:
League Coordinator: Nathan Trachta 719.246.4537
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